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How will Minnesota address rural broadband disparities?

How will Minnesota address rural broadband disparities? MPR News, The Daily Circuit If you live in the Twin Cities, you may take your broadband Internet access for granted. Statewide, about three-quarters of households have access to the Internet at speeds the state considers adequate.  But in some rural parts of the state, it’s harder to come by. […]

Changes to Unlicensed Spectrum

Changes to Unlicensed Spectrum Doug Dawson, CCG Consulting Earlier this year in Docket ET No. 13-49 the FCC made a number of changes to the unlicensed 5 GHz band of unlicensed spectrum…But in the end, the FCC made some changes that wireless ISPS (WISPs) claim are going to kill the spectrum for rural use. READ […]

Financing New Fiber Networks

Financing New Fiber Networks Doug Dawson, CCG Consulting Traditional financing is not always the solution for financing a new fiber network. For example, many rural communities don’t have the borrowing capacity to fund a fiber network strictly from bonds. And banks are still being extremely cautious about lending to infrastructure projects or for floating loans […]

Greater Minnesota broadband: An energizing effort

Greater Minnesota broadband: An energizing effort LORI STURDEVANT, Star Tribune It does a Capitol veteran good to see a rookie legislator grab a complicated issue, hustle around the state to learn about it at hearings, and come up with a fresh problem-­solving proposal. READ THE FULL STORY  

Broadband access is a top priorty

If businesses across the state are to compete with their world rivals, Minnesota policymakers must make broadband access a top economic development priority. READ THE FULL STORY