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RS Fiber EdgeWave™ Spam Filter

EdgeWave™ Instructions:

Protect your personal information from phishing attempts and your computers and network from harmful viruses with RS Fiber’s EdgeWave™ spam filter. Access and manage your account from anywhere through the easy-to-use online interface.

Log in Through the RS Fiber Edgewave™ Spam Filter Portal

  1. Visit to log in.
  2. Enter your RS Fiber email address and password to continue to the portal landing page.

Managing Your Quarantined Mail

From your personal dashboard, select the message that you would like to review to either Release the message to your RS Fiber email or Delete the message.

  • If you choose to Release the message, you will then have the option to add that contact to your Friends approved contacts list. Adding friends will prevent future emails from that email address from being filtered into your spam mailbox.

Adjust the report settings frequency, format, content, and the order of information that is listed in the Daily Report. Select your time zone setting, and set your preference to receive daily, weekly, or no reports.

  • If you select Never (no reports), you will be unsubscribed from the Daily Report.

Manage your filters, adjust the zones, and add domains and email addresses to the friends and enemies lists.

  • Red Zone—Contains potentially dangerous mail.
  • Yellow Zone—Contains suspicious mail.
  • Green Zone—Contains junk mail.

This shows you an overview of your RS Fiber spam mailbox settings.

Accessing Your Spam Messages Through Your RS Fiber Email

  1. Log in to your RS Fiber email either through the online web portal at or your favorite email application.
  2. By default, you will receive an email each day from Daily Report <> that contains a summary of messages caught by your RS Fiber spam filter software.
  3. Open the message to view your Daily Report.
  4. From the Daily Report email, click My Account or View quarantined messages to visit your RS Fiber spam filter personal dashboard. There you are able to view or delete quarantined emails, change user settings and policies, and view your mailbox status.

For additional help or support contact RS Fiber Technical Support at (800) 628-1754.

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