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HBC GigaHome App Consumer Guide

Taking Home Network Performance and Control to Another Level

RS Fiber’s network administrator, HBC, has made its WiFi management app available to RS Fiber customers.

The HBC GigaHome App gives you easy access to a snapshot view of your home WiFi network. Through the app you can view all the connected devices on your network, set up parental controls or a guest network, change your SSID and password, and more.

HBC GigaHome App Installation and Setup

  1. Download the app. You can search either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for HBC GigaHome, then install it on your mobile device.
  2. Once installed, launch the application and select Let’s Get Started.
  3. Select Sign Up towards the bottom of the screen.
  4. Enter your personal information into the form fieldsaccept the terms & conditions and privacy policy, and then select Sign Up. The password you enter here will be used to access the app. Please wait at least 10 minutes after your GigaHome router has been “turned up” before attempting the next step.
  5. If your system is plugged in and connected select YES to continue. Otherwise, select Not sure? and follow the on-screen prompts.
  6. Tap the QR code icon that appears within the app. (You will be asked to allow the app to access your camera.) Point your camera at the QR code found on either the bottom or side of your GigaHome router system, or on the sticker that came in your box. Select OK. After you select Submit, you may be asked to enter your account number.
  7. Complete the following steps to finish setting up your WiFi. Name your network and create a password.
      1. The Network Name (SSID) is what you will use as your wireless connection name.
      2. Create a password for your wireless network. If you do not want to change it on all the devices in your home, use your existing wireless SSID and passwords from your current router.
      3. Security Type can be left to default setting of WPA – WPA2-Personal.
      4. Place (Optional) is for adding a description of where your equipment is located.
  8. Click Done and your setup is complete.

View the HBC GigaHome App Installation Article for more images of the installation and setup process.

Main Dashboard

This is the home screen you’ll see every time you open the app. The Dashboard gives you complete control over the devices in your home. From the Dashboard you can:

  • Create profiles for people and places in your home
  • Connect new devices
  • Setup a guest network

My Network at the top of the Dashboard is where you can:

  • Access your WiFi network settings
  • Run a bandwidth test
  • View all connected devices
  • Disable services
  • View device usage

You can also access a list of these connected devices, by selecting Things from the Dashboard or in the Tool Bar at the bottom.

-If you are using the GigaHome Gateway you will not have access to the bandwidth test.


  • Account Name—This will allow you to update the name shown on your app and the login password.
  • Set Passcode—You can set a PIN in lieu of an app login password.
  • Language—This allows you to select your preferred language for the app.
  • Alerts—To receive notifications from the app, leave this in the ON position.
  • Terms & Conditions—Provides the terms and conditions you acknowledge by using the app.
  • Privacy Policy—Provides the Privacy Policy of the app.
  • About—Provides a brief summary of what the app does. Your app version will also display here.
  • Log out—Provides the ability to log out of the app.


  • People—Connect your Things (devices) with people in your home network. This allows you to set parental controls, content filters, time limits, and so much more.
  • Places—Places are a great way to tailor your WiFi to devices connecting to a specific area in your home like an office, media room, patio, or game room. This allows you to optimize your WiFi performance by being able to pause Internet access to devices in locations that don’t need to be on.
  • Things—You can easily find your network details here to connect a new device to your WiFi.
  • Network—Add a guest network at anytime and keep your main WiFi network and data safe while you have guests over. You can set a duration and even text the WiFi network name and password to your visitors.
  • Mesh (SAT)—Extend the reach of your WiFi network by connecting a new mesh.
  • ServicesContact RS Fiber to enable these services. Monthly fees apply for use of ExperienceIQ. Your GigaHome Blast router rental includes ProtectIQ service.
    • ExperienceIQ Enhanced Parental Controls—Provides the ability to set profiles, assign devices, schedule offline time, add content filters, app filters and website filters, and view profile usage.
    • ProtectIQ Network Security—Provides network level protection against malware, viruses, etc.

Parental Control (Basic)

To create a parental control file:

  1. From the home screen, select the People tab to create a new profile.
  2. Enter the name for the profile in the box and select the devices you would like to add to this profile.
  3. Select Done at the top of the screen.

Once the profile is created, you can do the following:

  • Tap Edit in the profile and add a picture if desired.
  • Swipe the Internet Access toggle off to pause all devices connected to this profile. To bring devices back online, swipe the toggle back on.
  • Set time limit schedules to turn Internet access off for all devices in a profile during specific times and days.
  • Tap Edit and then Add to add more devices to a profile.
  • Tap the red minus icon to remove devices from a profile.

-If a device has the HBC GigaHome App, do not add it to a profile, as you may inadvertently cut off your access to these controls. If this happens, switch to mobile data, to restart the profile with your app device. 

Guest Network

When you select the My Network section from the Dashboard you will have the option to create a guest network by selecting Networks.

In the Add Network screen, do the following:

  1. Set the name of the wireless guest network as you want it to appear for your guests.
  2. Security Type can be left to default setting of  WPA – WPA2-Personal.
  3. Set a WiFi password for your guest network. This step is highly recommended to keep your network safe. This will bring up additional boxes for you to set and confirm your password.
  4. If you set the network to Endless, it will stay available forever. Alternatively, you can set a Custom Start and End time for the guest login to be valid.
  5. Once you have set the parameters for your guest network, select Done at the top of the screen.
  6. Select Done to complete setup. You have the option to share your new network with your guests via text, email, or other messaging service.
  7. To edit your guest network, select My Network from the Dashboard. Select Networks and select the network you wish to edit or delete.

Device List (Things)

Things allows you to see the devices connected to your network. Tap on a device to see additional details including:

  • Device name
  • Signal strength
  • Internet usage

Device Details