Mesh Setup for GigaHome Blast u4

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Mesh Setup for GigaHome Blast u4

Setting up your Mesh

  1. Connect the Mesh unit to a power outlet. When the LED is flashing red, your Mesh unit is ready to pair with the GigaHome Blast. 
  2. Press and hold the WPS buttons on the Mesh unit and then on the GigaHome Blast for 3 seconds (less than 30 seconds apart). The LEDs will flash green while attempting to pair.
  3. Use the solid green LED indicator (displays for 60 seconds at end of pairing cycle) to determine the ideal location for your Mesh unit. If necessary, relocate it to a more ideal distance from your GigaHome Blast and confirm successful pairing after the Mesh reboots (repeating steps 2-3 as needed).
  4. Once successful pairing is complete the GigaHome Blast and Mesh LEDs will both show a solid green color. It may take several minutes to reach this state.

For additional help or support contact RS Fiber Technical Support at (800) 628-1754.

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