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Virtual Phone

With RS Fiber’s Virtual Phone service, you get a local phone number with a listing in the phone book and advanced voicemail functionality, without the cost of a traditional phone line.

Virtual Phone provides easy access for message retrieval through the Online Call Management Portal. Setup is fast and easy and no special equipment is needed! With Basic Virtual Phone, incoming calls go directly to your customized voicemail box.

-Your online web password and telephone PIN number will be different. For security purposes, the online portal will prompt for your password to be changed every 180 days. If you have not accessed your online account in excess of 180 days, and need assistance with your password, please call RS Fiber Technical Support at (800) 628-1754.

Telephone Interface Instructions:

Set up Tutorial

  1. Dial the local phone number from the list below.
  2. Enter your telephone number with area code followed by the # key.
  3. You will be prompted to assign a PIN number for your account followed by pressing the # key.
  4. Follow the setup tutorial to complete your Virtual Phone setup.

-You must complete the entire tutorial for your changes to take effect. If you forget your PIN or need assistance with setup and operation of your mailbox, please call RS Fiber Technical Support at (800) 628-1754.

Managing Settings and Greetings

  1. Dial the local phone number from the list below.
  2. Enter your telephone number with area code followed by the # key.
  3. Enter your PIN number and press the # key.
  4. Follow the voice prompts to navigate the functions.

Local Phone Numbers

Voicemail Main Menu

Action Key
Play Inbox Messages 1
Send Messages 2
Work with Greetings 3
Mailbox Settings 4
Access Deleted Messages 6
Log on as a different user 7
Help 0
Exit Voicemail System *

Delivery Options Menu

Action Before Message
Review the Message 1
Mark Message as Urgent 2
Mark Message as Private 3
Re-record your Message 4
Request a Delivery Report 5
Request a Read Report 6
Add or Remove Recipients 7
Schedule the Message 9
Send the Message as-is #
Exit or Cancel Press *

Message Playback Options

While listening to your Voicemail messages, the following options are available:

Action Before Message During Message After Message
Skip Message # # N/A
Reply to Message N/A 4 4
Save Message and
go to next
N/A 2 2
Delete N/A 3 3
Play Inbox Messages 1 N/A 1
Send Messages N/A 5 5
Work with Greetings 3 from Main Menu
Mailbox Settings 4 from Main Menu
Access Deleted Messages 6 from Main Menu N/A 2 to Save, 3 to Erase
Log on as a Different User 7 from Main Menu
Help 0 0 0
Return to Main Menu, Exit * * *

Online Interface Instructions:

For online interface instructions please view the Call Management Portal Instructions.

For additional help or support contact RS Fiber Technical Support at (800) 628-1754.

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