October is Cyber Security Month! Here are some of our top tips on keeping yourself, and your data, safe.

Set strong passwords
Use strong, unique passwords, or passphrases, for all your separate logins. Most experts recommend passwords contain between 12 and 15 characters that include numbers and special characters. Using individual passwords for different sites can help reduce your chances of being hacked.

Be cautious of links
Find out where a link is going before you click on it. Most links will show you the actual address they go to if you hover your mouse cursor over it, and if the link doesn’t look like it goes to what it should, don’t click it. Some phishing scams attempt to convince you that you’ve won a new laptop, lottery, or other great deal. If the website is unfamiliar or you don’t recognize who sent it to you, it’s best to avoid it.

Use anti-virus software
While it may seem basic, making sure you have anti-virus software installed and up to date helps protect against millions of viruses, malware, and other threats every year. Keeping all your software up to date also helps as most software updates include new features and protections designed to keep you safe against the latest security threats.

Install the HBC GigaHome app
RS Fiber’s network administrator, HBC, has made its WiFi management app available to RS Fiber customers, including ProtectIQ™ network security. ProtectIQ™ works to defend devices on your WiFi network by scanning all traffic that passes through your network. It blocks viruses, phishing, malware, and more before it even reaches your devices to give you even more peace of mind. The HBC GigaHome app is included with your GigaHome Blast router rental. Learn more at rsfiber.coop/internet