Gaylord, MN – RS Fiber Cooperative (RS Fiber) has announced plans to reward its first customers with a lifetime Gigabit Internet service upgrade as part of a new “Cornerstone Member” program.

Customers can upgrade their current 100 Mbps Internet service to Gigabit speeds with no increase to their monthly bill. The upgraded service will be made available to all RS Fiber residential fiber-optic subscribers through the end of the year in any member community for as long as they remain a continuous RS Fiber customer.

General Manager Toby Brummer said they wanted to thank those RS Fiber customers who supported the high-speed fiber-optic network from the beginning.

“We wanted to do something for those customers who made that early commitment to RS Fiber. We thought they should be recognized in some special way for their loyalty and support of the cooperative. Future Internet applications will likely require higher speeds and this will set our customers up for broadband success for the foreseeable future.”

The network is being constructed and managed for RS Fiber Cooperative by

Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc. (HBC). “This Cornerstone program corresponds with a similar implementation done by HBC in our southeast Minnesota communities,” said HBC President and CEO Dan Pecarina.

Phase One construction will be completed later this year with services to be offered in the final four towns of Brownton, Buffalo Lake, Fairfax and Stewart.

About us: RS Fiber Cooperative is a community driven effort to deliver a high-speed fiber-optic connection to Sibley County and portions of Renville, Nicollet, and McLeod Counties. The project will bring fiber-optic Internet, Video, and Phone services to ten cities and seventeen townships. The RS Fiber mission is: “To provide each and every customer with an exceptional service experience that you can only expect to receive from a local business, while providing you with access to the benefits of the most advanced fiber optic network in the US”.