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TV2-Go Instructions

Watch what you want, when you want, from any device you want! RS Fiber TV2-Go is your destination for popular TV shows and movies—viewable on all your Internet-connected devices! Once you have set up an RS Fiber TV2-Go account, you will be able to access your ABC, C-SPAN, Disney ChannelSM, Food NetworkSM, and NFL Network accounts—plus many others—if you subscribe to the respective TV channels.

To Create a New Account

  1. Visit and select RS Fiber in the Select Your TV Provider drop-down.
  2. Click REGISTER in the navigation menu near the upper-right of the screen.
  3. Complete the online registration form with your RS Fiber account information, personal information, and click the Submit button.

-New RS Fiber TV2-Go accounts may take up to 12 hours to authenticate. Subscription to linear channel is required to access RS Fiber TV2-Go content. If you already have an account, click LOG IN in the navigation menu near the upper-right of the screen. Enter your Email and Password and click the Login button.  If you forgot your Password or Email Used, click the respective link to have a reminder sent to your email. 

Watching Online Content

  1. Visit and login with your RS Fiber TV2-Go credentials.
  2. Select a network logo to watch that network’s content. You will be redirected to the network’s site.
  3. If you are prompted to log in to watch content, log in with your RS Fiber TV2-Go credentials.

Manage Your Account

  1. To manage your account settings, hover over MANAGE ACCOUNT in the navigation menu near the upper-right of the screen. 
  2. Click the respective links to Change Password, Change Email Address, Register New Account, or Display Registered Accounts.

Learn More

  1. Many of the specific questions you may have about the RS Fiber TV2-Go platform will be answered by clicking the LEARN MORE link in the navigation menu near the upper-right of the screen when logged out of your profile. 

Log Out

  1. Click the LOGOUT link in the navigation menu near the upper-right of the screen to log out of your RS Fiber TV2-Go account. 

For additional help or support contact RS Fiber Technical Support at (800) 628-1754.

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